Types of Pre-Employment Tests

Employers want to get the best candidate for the various job openings they are offering. Aside from conducting interviews, businesses conduct pre-employment tests in order to determine the fit applicant for a certain job requirement. The employer will be setting aside a certain amount as salary for the position so they want to make sure that they will be getting the most suitable candidate. According to the website of WorkSTEPS, pre-employment tests will help employers get maximum capacity from their new hires.

There are different kinds of pre-employment tests that an employer can administer on applicants. This way, they can short list candidates from whom they will choose the one they will hire. In this article, we will look at the different kinds of pre-employment tests.

Job Knowledge

Employers would want to screen the general knowledge of the candidate about the industry as well as position. The test may be conducted orally or written and are usually objective measures of job knowledge.

Cognitive Test

Cognitive tests aims to measure a candidate’s reasoning, memory, perceptual speed and accuracy, as well as their mathematical and reading comprehension skills.

Personality Tests

These tests help the hiring personnel match the personality attributes of the candidate to the right position. For example, if they are introvert or extrovert, the prospective employer will gain an insight on which position the candidate will fit best.

Physical Test

For jobs that require some level of physical fitness, these types of tests may be administered by an employer to determine whether the candidate is eligible for the said position. Some attributes measured in physical tests may include flexibility, strength, cardiovascular strength, or all of them.

Background Check

For certain positions, employers would want to test the honesty and integrity of the candidate. For this reason, they may conduct a background check to see if the applicant has any criminal record or has bad credit.

Drug Testing

Companies would want to ensure the safety of current employees and so they may require a job applicant to undergo drug testing. They will be tested for a battery of illegal drugs. If tested positive, it may affect the application of the candidate as they may be rejected by the employer.


Watch Out for Trucks When on the Road

The risk of major damage to properties, severe injuries or even death in accidents involving semi-trucks or big rigs always runs higher compared to accidents wherein smaller vehicles are involved. This is due to the enormous size and weight of these vehicles, the same factors that make their mere presence on the road already a threat.

While all US states have their own share of road threats, no thanks to trucks, Texas is probably one state where threat of truck accidents has probably never been felt more than now. This is due to the rapid increase of big rigs on Texas roads and highways – an effect of the recent oil boom throughout the state.

In the hope of reducing the number of semi-truck accidents, which injure more than 100,000 and kill, at least, 4,000 others every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) work together in creating and enforcing laws which will see to the strict care in the maintenance and operation of trucks, and in the hiring only of qualified drivers. Some of these rules include:

  • Requiring drivers to undergo a drug test before they are hired and most especially after an accident.
    Operators should also regularly conduct a drug test on all drivers
  • Training drivers to ensure their proper and safe handling of trucks
  • Making sure that drivers have no record of violations of road safety laws, must be of proper age (at least 21 years old) and can speak and understand the English language
  • Making sure that drivershttp://www.naturalecobaby.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=69&action=edit observe traffic rules all the time, load all cargo properly and safely, inspect their trucks regularly, and never drive when sick or fatigued
  • Requiring drivers to keep a log where information, like the start and end of their duty, the name of their co-driver and the total number of miles driven, are indicated

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the most common causes of truck accidents are driver fatigue, drunk-driving, speeding, reckless and aggressive driving, driving too fast for road condition, inexperience or lack of training of the driver, brake or defect/failure, and improper loading of cargo.

The website of The Benton Firm mentions in the firm’s website the many causes of, and contributing factors in, truck accidents. It also emphasizes the right of truck accident victims to pursue justice and seek compensation for their losses and sufferings through a civil lawsuit against the truck driver at fault in the accident, his or her employer, or anyone whose action or non-action may have contributed to the accident.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

It is no secret that car accidents are dreadfully common in this day and age. While some of them may be as simple and harmless as a dented car door or a torn side mirror, some car accidents can be as devastating as the loss of innocent lives in just the blink of an eye.

As common as these accidents are and tend to be, one must wonder: what are the most common causes of these car accidents?

One of the most common causes of car accidents is that of driver error. Something as harmless as getting distracted by scenery for five seconds can mean an accidental pedestrian fatality – and it is often just that that can cause a car accident: getting distracted is often one of the primary causes of driver error. Be it by the scenery or a sudden text message or an adjustment of the car radio – if the primary focus is not on the road, that scenario could mean some serious trouble.

Another common cause of car accidents is that of drunk driving. Many fatalities occur due to drivers drinking under the influence of alcohol – and there are times when you need not even be the one to have had one too many at the bar to do this. A drunk driver on the road can be lethal to anyone else and a collision between a speeding vehicle and another (whether in motion or stationary) is not just a scene that happens exclusively in action movies – and the consequences pan out for far longer than just ninety minutes of screen time. An Austin automobile accident attorney would be aware that a lethargic driver is almost just as dangerous as one who has had one too many pints.

Chemical Exposure

When individuals are exposed to chemicals and toxins, they can face devastating injuries and medical problems. The effects can sometimes be treated but, in some cases, can lead to life-long problems. Even worse, sometimes the exposure is the result of another person’s negligence and could have been prevented if certain actions were taken. This can happen when proper safety procedures were not taken in an environment such as a factories in which chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. However, chemical exposure can even happen in offices from cleaning products and paint.

One of the most common places an individual can be exposed to chemicals is at a construction site. According to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, even though toxic substance exposure may be less common than other accidents, the resulting injuries are often far more severe. Since construction sites constantly use dangerous chemicals, many instances can lead to toxic exposure. For example, accidents such as chemical fires, explosions, and spills can lead to the toxic exposure. However, employer negligence can also put employees in danger. These negligent actions include failing to quarantine a toxic substance or provide protective gear for employees. An employer may also fail to find chemicals in demolished materials, releasing them into the air. While construction sites are inherently dangerous, actions such as these put employees at more risk than necessary and can lead to devastating and life-long injuries.

Chemical exposure can lead to some of the most severe injuries an individual can take, changing an individuals’ life forever. While accidents are often the cause, when employer negligence leads to toxic substances being released into the air, employees can take legal action to receive the compensation they deserve.

The Link Between Monsanto PCBs and Cancer

The United States federal government issued a ban on polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs in 1979. This came after health and environmental concerns came to light and made its way into public discourse. PCBs were solely produced in America by the agrochemical company Monsanto. Long before it dabbled in GMOs and biotechnology, Monsanto was a chemical industry leader and was estimated to have produced up to 1.5 billion tons of PCBs between the 1930s until the late 1970s. Today, PCBs are classified by both the Environmental Protection Agency and International Agency for Research on Cancer as probable human carcinogens.

There have been numerous scientific studies proving that PCBs cause cancer in animals. One study noted by the Environmental Protection Agency found that rats fed with PCB-laced food developed liver cancer over a two year period. According to an in-depth report by The Washington Post, another study that was covered up by Monsanto during their 4 decade production of PCBs showed that PCBs caused tumors in rats. While a similar definitive link is yet to be found between PCBs and cancer in humans, all studies point to the fact that prolonged and significant PCB exposure can result in considerable health risks. Another study pointed out by the Environmental Protection Agency is an examination of PCB exposure symptoms in workers. The study shows that there is a clear pattern indicating that exposure to PCBs increases the risk of liver cancer and melanomas.

All in all, the American scientific community has mostly come to the conclusion that toxic Monsanto PCBs can be potentially dangerous to human health. It has been particularly made clear by years of research that prolonged PCB exposure can negatively affect an individual’s health. Aside from the threat of cancer, PCB has also been found to compromise a person’s immune, reproductive, nervous, and endocrine systems.

Types of Construction Hazards

When proper precautions are taken on a construction site, workers can perform their jobs without being in an a harmful environment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A significant portion of workers are unnecessarily injured every year as a result of unsafe working conditions. Three common reasons for injury include slip and falls, struck by objects, and caught-in-betweens.

Slip and falls have potential to inflict extreme injury, and permanently affect the victim’s life. If the floor is slippery, the workplace is cluttered, or surfaces are uneven, slip and falls can occur. Problems that can arise from these dangerous situations include injuries to the neck, spine, and hips.

Secondly, workers can be seriously hurt after being struck by a falling object. When people are working on a construction site, they should wear a hard hat to protect from falling objects. When there are not safe ways to deposit tools, trash, or unused material from a higher level on a construction site, they are liable to blow over or be dropped. According to the website of The Law Offices of Williams Kherkher, these mishaps can cause serious head injuries, broken bones, and painful lacerations.

Lastly, caught-in-betweens happen when a worker is crushed between two things in the construction site. Examples of caught-in-betweens are cave-ins, or being smashed by machinery as collides with something and the worker is stuck in the middle. Caught-in betweens are extremely painful, and can lead to amputations, broken bones, head injuries, and more.

Every one of these sources can be eliminated through implementing a higher degree of safety regulations on the work site. When workers are aware of their surroundings and consciously make efforts to keep the workplace safe, injuries are minimized.

Medical Malpractice in Tennessee

Do you think that you may have been a victim of medical malpractice in Tennessee? If so you should really find out a little more about state medical malpractice laws.

Medical malpractice laws vary from state to state, and in Tennessee, it is embodied in the Medical Malpractice Act. One of the conditions for determining if a claim has merit is to establish that a physician, nurse, or other healthcare professional failed to uphold the standard of care expected of them. This standard is defined as the generally accepted procedures and practices for a patient with particular medical condition for that geographic area.

The plaintiff in a medical malpractice claim in Tennessee must also establish that the failure to uphold the standard of care was the direct cause of your injury. This may take the form of a birth injury, wrong site surgery, retained surgical instrument, and so on.

Medical malpractice is perhaps the most insidious of personal injury cases because health professionals are specifically tasked to safeguard the health and well-being of patients. According to the website of personal injury lawyers of Pohl & Berk, LLP, we place a lot of trust in healthcare professionals and institutions, especially doctors, nurses and hospitals. This trusts makes it particularly egregious when they act in a careless or reckless manner, exposing their patients to serious harm.

In general, medical malpractice is not easy to prove because there are many factors that have to be considered to satisfy the definition of a breach and if it was in fact the proximate cause of an injury. It requires the expertise of the relevant healthcare professional and an experienced medical malpractice lawyer working in tandem to expose the negligence.

You have one year from the time of the injury to file a medical malpractice case against a healthcare professional or institution. That’s not a lot of time, so if you believe you are a victim of medical negligence, consult with a medical malpractice lawyer in Tennessee as soon as possible.